So I've got some comments on Buffalo, and Peek'n Peak weather.

The average temperature in Buffalo on May 15 is a high of 67 and a low of 47.  Peek'n Peak is in the mountains and is probably cooler!  Yes, we could have a lovely spring week with the temperatures average.  And we could also have a cold week with temperatures well below average.  And we could have a warm week with temperatures above average.  My suggestion is to bring at least a couple of things for cold weather including a sweatshirt and a jacket.  Gloves and a head warmer will make a very big difference if we do get a cold snap.  And do bring at least a couple of things for warm weather such as shorts and sandels.  We are unlikely to have extremes of termperature for more than a day or so.  Most of the time the temperature will be in that nice average range.  But temperature this time of year in this area does vary a lot.  And right now we are having a lot of rain.  May is not generally a really rainy time in this area but afternoon thundershowers do occur frequently.  Glad we're not in Missouri though!  So be prepared!