Canada Specialty

News Flash!

The premium list for the Canadian WC/WCI/WCX will be available at the FCRSA Specialty and Gweneth McClellan will be taking entries there.  It will also be on line prior to the Specialty.  It doesn't close until May 19th which is  the last day of our Specialty.

So don't panic!  The Canadians do things differently than we do!

Flat Coated Retriever Society of Canada Specialty

And we have numbers!

FCRSC Show – 35 –  45 (22 – 14) for a total of 116 entries!

UK Show – 10 – 17 (12 – 4) for a total of 43

Saturday AB – 14 – 16 (11 – 3) for a total of 44

Sunday AB – 16 – 17 (13 – 2) for a total of 48

Monday AB1 6 – 9 (7 – !) for a total of 23

              AB2 9 – 5 (6 – 1) for a total of 21


The FCRSC Specialty will be at the Kitchener-Waterloo shows.  The conformation is similar to the FCRSA conformation with many of the same classes.  Check the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) website to look at the conformaiton classes.  And Sweepstakes will begin after noon on Saturday to give you time to make the trip to Kitchener.  The kitchener-Waterloo show will also have four all breed shows that weekend, one on Saturday, one on Sunday, and two on Monday in additon to a Specialty UK Breed show and the FCRSC Specialty.   Monday, May 22, is a holiday in Canada.  Therefore, if you want to do a lot of breed showing, flat coats will be able to be in six shows.  Additioinally, there will a two double agility trials, one Saturday and one Sunday.  Each day will have two Standard runs and two JWW runs.  CKC agility is very similar to AKC agility with the biggest difference being allowing 6 weave poles in intermediate classes.  Intermediate is the same as Open.  PAD is the same as Fast. And Steeplechase is similar to T2B.  You can go home with Novice agility titles, AgN and AgNJ, if you have never run agility in Canada before.  Both require 3 legs just as NA and NAJ do.  And on Monday, there will also be three Rally trials which, again, will allow you to go home with a title.  Move ups can be made between rally trials.  And on Monday, there will also be a Working Certificate (WC), Working Certificate Intermediate (WCI), and Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) test.  You must complete each title in Canada to move to the next level. Therefore, the tests will be run in order with the WC first.  At the completion of the WC test ribbons will be handed out.  And people who have passed that test, will then be allowed to enter the next test, the WCI.  At the completion of that test, ribbons will again be handed out and people who have passed, will be allowed to enter the WCX.  Thus you will be able to get all three titles that day if your dog can perform the work.  To find out the rules for these tests. go to the Canadian Kennel Club website and look under WC, WCI, and WCX tests.

And for people who may be bringing other breeds to the Kitchener-Waterloo show, there are several other Specialites being offered.
Dominion Collie and Shetland Sheepdog Specialty (Sunday)
National Schipperke Club of Canada (Sunday)
National Specialty American Cocker Spaniel (Saturday)
Airedale National Club of Canada (Sunday) -possible Obedience
Bulldog Regional Specialty (Sunday)
French Bulldog Regional (pending) Saturday
Multiple Breed Show on Saturday for all German Heritage breeds (Saturday)
Multiple Breed Show on Saturday for all UK Heritage Breeds. (Saturday)
Non CKC Event -Australian Shepherd Club (ASCA) -3 shows on Saturday

This question seems to continue to come up.  Can you go to the FCRSA banquet and still get to Kitchener to show at the FCRSC?  Yes you can!  We are planning the Awards Banquet to be as early as possible, probably around 5 PM.  The only thing that will take place on Saturday morning at Kitchener will be one of the agility trials.  The FCRSC Specailty won't begin until after noon.  And it will start with Puppy Sweepstakes.  That will be followed by Veteran's Sweepstakes, Class Dogs and then the All Breed.  So unless you are planning on running agility, you won't have to rush to get there.  The trip from Peek'n Peak to Kitchener is less than 4 hours.  And Niagara Falls is just about half way.  So you can stay at Peek'n Peak, go to Niagara Falls to stay, go all the way to Kitchener for the night, or  stay anywhere in between.  There's a nice Red Roof that takes dogs in Hamburg, NY which is on the way.  And there are many motels at Burlington and Hamilton, ON.

How to register your flat coat so you can show in Canada!

The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) has two ways that you can register your flat coats

Since this dog currently resides in the US, it is eligible for full registration or an ERN with the CKC. Once the requirements for a Canadian Championship have been met, a Champion certificate will be issued to the owner of a dog.

The difference between an ERN and full registration is that the ERN is only for show purposes for a dog that resides in a foreign country whose stud book is recognized by the CKC. Any titles awarded with an ERN will not appear on the pedigrees of any progeny born in Canada.

Dogs that are under LIMITED REGISTRATION with the American Kennel Club are not eligible for full registration or an ERN with the CKC for conformation or performance events. The Limited Registration status must be lifted from the AKC’s records prior to applying for ERN or full registration with the CKC.

The request for either the ERN or full registration must be made within 30 days of obtaining points, awards or scores to avoid cancellation. If factors beyond your control prohibit this or present a problem, please send a written request for a 30 day extension by fax to (416) 675-6506, by email to Or mail to: The Canadian Kennel Club, Shows & Trials Division, 200 Ronson Drive, Suite 400, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada M9W 5Z9.

In order to fully register your dog that resides in the US with The Canadian Kennel Club, we will require the following:

1) A completed "Application for registration of AKC registered dog owned by a resident of the USA”.

2) The dog must be identified by tattoo or microchip which is acceptable to the CKC and proof of this must be provided.

3) A clear/legible photocopy of the dog's AKC Certificate of Registration and a clear/legible photocopy of the AKC three generation pedigree.

4) A payment of $103.00 for non-CKC Members and $51.60 for CKC Members must be submitted with the application by either a cheque in Canadian funds (discounted cheques will not be accepted), Money Order, Visa or Mastercard.

5) All the above must be submitted by mail.

*Note that by becoming a member of CKC you will receive a reduction in all the registration fees; see our Web site ( for information on advantages of membership.

The approved chips which meet the Canadian Standard are the following:

MICROCHIP 4 SOLUTIONS INC. – FDX-B, Manufacturer code 952

Avid Canada The Microchip Company – FDX-B, Man Code 965 or 900


DATAMARS INC. – FDX-B, Man. Code 981

PETHEALTH INC. – FDX-B, Man. Code 982

EIDAP Inc. – FDX-B, Man. Code 956 or 968


In order to obtain the ERN, we will require the following:

1) A photocopy of the AKC registration certificate for the dog you are requesting the ERN on. Please ensure the certificate reflects the current ownership. ILP registrations are not acceptable.

2) A payment of $58.50 in Canadian funds by cheque (discounted cheques will not be accepted) money order, Visa or Mastercard)

3) You may fax your request with your credit card number, expiry date, your name and signature and a photocopy of the AKC certificate to (416) 675-6506.

If you need further assistance regarding the above procedures, we suggest that you contact our Membership Services Department at (416) 674-3699

Once your dog is registered with the CKC with any number, you just enter him/her as you would for an American show. If you don't get a registration number in time to make the entry, you must pay a listing fee, which is usually around $10 per entry.  That can really mount up!  So take care of your CKC registrations now while you are still thinking about it!  And the best way to do CKC entries is through Entry Line. That way, for a small fee, you can avoid dealing with the currency exchange problem.  Entry Line's number is 1-800-293-2935.  They also have an easy to use website but I think you have to be a member and that probalby isn't worth the money, (very cheap though) if you're only going to a single show up there.  And. you can enter the agility trials at Kitchener at Entry Line as well.  If you're doing to do the whole thing, all the classes offered in the two days, do tell Entry Line that you want the package deal.  That is cheaper!  And there will be four std and jww classes in that it is a double trial.  You can get two titles!

Hotels for the Kitchener-Waterloo shows including the FCRSC show.

Howard Johnson's, 1333 Weber St. E., Kitchener, ON, Canada, N2A 1C2.  855-213-0582 or 519-893-1234. Pets allowed.

Holiday Inn – Kitchener, 30 Fairway Road S, Kitchener, ON, Canada, N2A 2N2. 877-859-5095 or 519-893-1211.  Pets probably not allowed.  Check with them.

Holiday Inn – Cambridge, 200 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, ON, Canada, N3C 1Z4.  1-800-315-2621 or 519-658-4601.  Pets probalby not allowed.  Check with them.

Radisson Hotel, 2960 King Street E, Kitchener, ON, Canada, N2A 1A9.  519-894-9500.  Pets allowed.

Knights Inn, 1455 Weber Street E, Kitchener, ON, Canada, N2A 1A5. 855-516-1090 or 519-893-6641.  Pets allowed.

Comfort Inn, Waterloo, 190 Weber St. N, Waterloo, ON, Canada, N2J 3H4.  855-516-1090 or 519-747-9400.  Pets allowed in select rooms only.

Confort Inn, Cambridge, 220 Holiday Inn Drive, Cambridge, ON, Canada,  N3C 1Z4.  844-262-1086 or 519-658-1100.  Pets allowed.

Super 8, 650 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON, Canada N1R 6J8. 844-262-1086 or 519-622-1070. Pets allowed.

Travelodge Cambridge, 605 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON, Canada N1R 6J3.  519-622-1180.  Pets allowed.

Cambridge Conference Center, 700 Hespeler Road, Cambridge, ON, Canada N3H 5L8. 519-895-2271.  Pets allowed.

Kitchener Motel, 1485 Victoria Street N, Kitchener, ON, Canada, N2B 3E4.  519-745-1177.  Pets not allowed.

Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) Agility


May 20 and 21,  2017


When :    Saturday May 20 and Sunday, May 21, 2017

Judges:     Billie Mclean (Saturday);  Sherri Gourlie (Sunday)

Where :    Kitchener Auditorium (outdoors on grass)

        400 East Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario

Held in conjunction with FOUR All-Breed Conformation Shows 

(May 20-21-22) and THREE indoor Rally Trials (Monday, May 22).

And this trial is open!  You can enter by calling            Entryline,           1-800-293-2935!


PRIZES – Exhibitor prizes for all entered dogs !!!  New Title Rosettes !!!


CLASSES OFFERED – All Regular, Selected and Veterans Classes will be offered.

Saturday: 2 rounds of Standard, 2 rounds of Steeplechase, and 1 round of Jww. Sunday: 1 round of Standard, 1 round of PAD, and 2 rounds of Jww. 


24” Weave poles will be used. All equipment owned by the K-W KC.

All contacts including 9’ A-Frame are rubberized.

There WILL BE contact familiarization for Novice dogs each day. 


ENTRY FEES – Special weekend rate of $160 for all 9 runs, same dog. 

    OR special rate of $130 for 6 runs, same dog. OR $24 per class, per dog. 

    "Day" of or late entries allowed up to one hour prior to start of judging each     day – $30 per class per dog; cash only. Entry form on back. 

Credit Card entries accepted by Entry Line prior to closing date.  

CLOSING DATE – Wednesday, May 10, 2017 at 9:00 pm. Limit of 300 runs per day.    


For more information and to mail entries :

        Michelle Ross, Agility Trial Secretary

10510  First Line, Moffat, ON. L0P 1J0

Email:  HYPERLINK ""   Phone: 905-854-1966

Additional contact for information :

Marcia Halliday – Agility Trial Chairman. Email:  HYPERLINK ""

CKC Entry Forms for this event can be obtained from