Travel Information

How to get to Peek'n Peak by air!

There are three options for flying to the Specialty at Peek'n Peak.  

The nearest airport is Erie Internationl Airport in Erie, PA.  It is 34 miles away over the interstates and even less over the back roads.  The problem is that there aren't very many flights into Erie and many of them originate at bigger airports that are close by, such as Pittsburgh or Detroit.  If you don't mind changing planes, it's not a bad way to come.

The second closest airport is Buffalo International Airport in Buffalo, NY.  It is 95 miles away but it only takes about an hour and a half to make the trip.  It is almot all interstae.  And Buffalo has many more flights than Erie and many more from larger cities that are farther away.  You won't have to change planes as much but you will have to plan on driving farther.

The third alternative is Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, OH. It is 133 miles away, again all interstate, but does take longer to drive.  Cleveland has even more direct flights from big cities than Buffalo does.  Again, you won't have to change planes as much but you will have to drive farther yet.l

And you probably should make the choice based on airfares and flights from your particular location.  All three airports are doable as is Pittsburgh which is farther yet.  Unless there is a special deal into Pittsburgh from your location, there is probalby little reason otherwise to do Pittsburgh.

But do pay attention to the arrival and departure times of your flights.  You will have to cross Cleveland to get to Peek'n Peak so try not to arrive at 4 PM to avoid the rush hour traffic.  And you will have to go around Buffalo to get to Peek'n Peak  so 4 PM is probalby also not ideal but certainly much better than Cleveland.  And there is little local traffic between the Erie Airport and the resort so anytime is fine in Erie.

How to get to Peek'n Peak by car!

Peek'n Peak can be approached from either the east or the west.  It cannot be approached from the south and, given that it is only a few miles south of lake Erie, it really can't be approached from the north.  

From the east: Buffalo is east of Peek'n Peak.  When coming from Buffalo or anywhere else east of Peek'n Peak, take I-90 going west, toward Erie.  Go all the way to the end of the NY State Thruway and continue on I-90 into PA.  Take the first exit in PA, exit 41, onto PA 89.  Take PA-89 S for 5 miles.  Turn left onto PA-430 to W. Mina Rd, about 3.3 miles.  Turn right onto W. Mina Rd. and go 2.3 miles.  Continue onto Pekin Hill Rd. In less than half a mile, turn left onto Griffin Rd. and go only 0.1 mile.  Turn right onto Olde Rd. and go 1.5 miles to the Peek'n Peak resort.  You will see signs for Peek'n Peak at the turn onto Olde Rd.

From the west: Erie is west of Peek'n Peak.  When coming from Erie or anywhere else west of Peek'n Peak, take I-90 going east, toward Buffalo.  Take exit 37, I-86, toward Jamestown, NY.  Stay on I-86 to the exit for NY-426 S.  Take NY-426 S  for 0.8 miles.  Then continue straight onto County Touring Rte 1/ Mann Rd.  Go 2.8 miles and take a slight right onto Mann Rd.  Almost immediately take a right onto Griffin Rd and go 0.6 miles.  Turn left onto Olde Rd and go 1.6 miles to the Peek'n Peak resort.  There is also a back roads route from Erie which is a bit shorter but you''ll have to trust your GPS for that!  And you can get off I-86 onto PA 89 and follow the directions above to Peek'n Peak.

How to get to the field site!  

The field site is right off of Rt. 18 in Springboro, PA.  You can access Rt. 18 from I-90. Or you can access it from I-79.  Go to Albion, PA . Take Rt. 18 south from the main intersection in Albion, PA.  Go to Springboro, PA, about 6 1/2 miles.  Go one more mile to Tower Rd.  If you take a right onto Tower Rd. one field site will be on your left.  There will be signs to help you to the correct  field site.  

How to get to the agility site!

From the east: The agility site is at 2321 West 38th Street.  If you're coming from the east, you can get off I-90 at Peach Street.  Take Peach street north to Interchange Road.  Take a left.  Go about 1 mile to Zuck Road.  Take a right.  Go about 1/2 mile to Grandview Bvd.  Take a right.  Take the first left, Pacific Ave.  Go to the mall, about 1/4 miles and turn into it.  Countryside Agility is at the eastern end in the back.  Don't confuse it with the other Agility place in the mall.  It is a phone bank!

From the west or south:  If you're coming from the south on I-79, exit the Kearsarge Exit, which is the first exit north of I-90.  That will put you on Interchange Road.  Take Interchange west about 1/4 mile and continue as above by taking a right at Zuck Road.

How to get to Canada!

Actually, to cross into Canada you only need identification.  You do not need a passport or a birth certificate.  A drivers license will do.  However, you may become a permanent resident of Canada if you don't have a passport or an enhanced drivers license to get back into the USA!  This is the time to do it.  Get a passport if you don't already have one.  It is very easy but there is about a 2 month wait for it to come through after you complete an application and submit it with a photograph and your check.  Passport photos can be taken at Walgreens, AAA, and even some post offices.  And a passport is a much better buy than an enhanced drivers license.  The drivers license is only good for Canada but the passport will get you anyplace in the world!


And if the unthinkable happens and you leave your new passports on your dresser in your excitement to get to the Specialty, don't just decide that you won't be able to show in Canada!  Come talk to me! There are things that can be done!

What about your dogs?

Dogs over six months of age need a rabies certificate to get into Canada.  And that is all they need!  Dogs under six months of age do not need anything to get into Canada.  And you will also need that rabies certificate to get your dogs back into the USA.  Will they actually check your certificates?  WIth a lot of dogs crossing for the show, they actually might.  However, I will tell you that I have crossed into Canada literally hundreds of times with my dogs.  I actually train field in Canada weekly!  I have been asked to produce the rabies certificates twice when entering the USA and once when entering Canada.  The Canadian border officials actually are more likely to ask if you have the certificates but have little interest in looking at them. And if you want the least amount of hassle, cross the border at the Peace Bridge in downtown Buffalo.  There are four border crossins in Western New York.  The Rainbow Bridge is the one at the falls.  It is only two lanes, traffic moves very slowly across it, and they charge for both the car and all passengers.  It is really a Niagara Falls tourist bridge.  The Whirlpool Bridge is also in Niagara Falls and it only takes Nexus.  If you don't have a Nexus card, you can't use it.  It is mainly a local bridge for folks who cross to meet and have coffee with friends.  And the Queenston Bridge is okay but it is further away and a longer trip to the falls from Buffalo.  And border officials of both countries often do ask what flat coats look like and want to see them!  Be cooperative!  We want to maintain good relationships with them!

Oh, as you cross the border, do stop in the Duty Free shop.  You might want to buy something but at the least, do buy some Canadian currency.  For a while now, Canadian currency has been worth much less than American currency.  So it's a bargain to get Canadian dollars to spend up there.  And many places don't give nearly the exchange rate that you can get from the Duty Free at the border!

Travel Options to Canada

The FCRSA National Specialty is going to be followed immediately by the FCRSC Natioinal Specialty.  The American Spacialty is at Peek'n Peak Resort, Findlay Lake, NY and the Canadian Specialty is at the Kitchener, Ontario Audittorium, Kirtchener, Ontario.  It is 199 miles, about 3 hours and 15 minutes, from one venue to the other.  And the Canadian Specialty will not start until Saturday afternoon.  And that will be with Sweepstakes.  The breed judging will be on Sunday.  So you will have plenty of time to travel from the American Specialty to the Canadian Specialty!

You are welcome to stay at Peek'n Peak Friday night and travel to Kitchener on Saturday morning.  Or you can travel to Kitchener on Friday night and stay there.  My suggestion though is to break up the trip with a visit to Niagara Falls.  Niagara Falls, Ontario is 116 miles from Peek'n Peak and 83 miles from Kitchener, just about half way.  The Falls are a truly mighty sight particularly if you've never seen them before!  And even if you have seen them, they have new lights which are 10 times brighter and in many different colors which put on a truly spectacular sight!  And if you decide to do that, here are some hotels that accept pets in Niagara Falls, Ontario.  It is strongly recommended that you stay on the Canadian side of the border as Niagara Falls, NY isn't nearly as nice!  But do book early for these as Monday, May 22nd, is Victoria Day, a holiday in Canada.

Best Western Plus Cairn Croft, 6400 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, Canada L2G 1T6. 866=599-6674.

Motel Six, 5700 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, Canada L3G 3X5. 905-356-6690.

Americana Water Park and Spa Resort, 8444 Lundy's Lane, Niagara Falls, Canada L2H 1H4, 844-419-4369.

Niagara Parkway Court Motel, 3708 Main Street, Niagara Falls, Canaeda L2G 6B1, 800-491-6126.

Hampton Inn North of the Falls, 4357 Rover Rpad, Niagara Falls, Canada L2E 3E8, 905-358-5555.